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Basics of Serialization in .NET Framework 3.0

I tried to discuss some of the changes done to the serialization in .net framework 3.0 in the article. Please let me know your valuable comments ont he same. http://aspalliance.com/1511_Basics_of_Serialization_in_NET_Framework_30.all

Sql Sever 2005 - Full text Search

This article exposes the concept of Full text search. It also explains the architecture of full-text search indexing along with the enhancements made to it in SQL Server 2005. http://aspalliance.com/1512_Understanding_Full_Text_Search_in_SQL_Server_2005.all


ORM - Object Relational Mapper

The theory behind Object Relational Mapper (ORM) and its advantages and disadvantages.



Exception Handling Techniques in ASP.Net 2.0

Exception handling techniques explained in a best possible way.



Frequently Asked Questions in SQL Server 2005

This article targets more towards .NET programmers who want to use the SQL server 2005 and not for advanced SQL server programmers or administrators. http://aspalliance.com/1455


CodeDOM in C# 2.0

CodeDOM is a very powerful Application Programming Interface (API) that is available with Microsoft .NET 2.0. This API can do wonders for you by generating code on the fly. This article takes a look at this technology and explains it with code examples wherever appropriate.http://aspalliance.com/1009


Exception Handling in C# 2.0

I tried to cover all the basics of Exception handling for ASP.Net as well as windows applications. Please go through the same and let me know your issues on the same. http://aspalliance.com/1119

Overview of IIS 7.0

My very recent article is on IIS 7.0. The name of the article is "Understanding Internet Information Services - Part 3" and link of the article is http://aspalliance.com/1433. Let me know your comments.


Difference between Functionality of a Normal and Static Constructor

I tried to show the difference between working of a normal and static constructor with a small code snippet. Let me know your views on the same. http://aspalliance.com/1027

InformationSchema over SysObjects

Why is that we always prefer InformationSchema over SysObjects. I tried to cover in depth about the Information Schema in the article. Let me know your comments.





Understanding the Basic Architecture of Internet Information Services...

I tried to cover all the basic components of the IIS 6.0. Let me know your comments. http://aspalliance.com/1387_Understanding_Internet_Information_Services__Part_2