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Orlando 06, Day 1: Workshops and Keynotes

Sunday began with a moan as I woke up to realize that I had to present a 7 hour workshop. But despite the crushing time difference and the daily savings time kicker it managed to be a successful ASP.NET hands-on workshop. Attendees (laptops in hand) learned how to sling some data controls, master pages, and login controls and lived to tell. I believe there were about 80 people in attendance.

Many other workshops were running simultaneously which I heard were very successful.

After my session was over, I grabbed a USB key from Erik Ruthruff and headed up to my room to look over the slides he had prepared for the keynote introductions. I then headed over to the rehearsal for the evening's keynotes. When I got there, there was a problem playing a film (on DVD) that Scott Guthrie had recorded on ASP.NET 2.0 development. Apparently, none of the machines on the stage could play the DVD. So I ran to my room to retrieve my laptop, which fortunately worked. We finally opened the doors and let everyone in and I ran through my brief slide deck and introduced Scott. The film (which premiered back in Vegas last fall) was once again well received, followed by another awesome keynote by Scott on ASP.NET.

Some randomly noted stuff that Scott said:

  • Orcas (the next version of Visual Studio) is slated to ship in 2007. Atlas will be tied to this release of VS.
  • In the mean time, the ASP.NET team is very much into a "continuous cycle of releases". Recent (or soon to be recent) releases include:
  • Atlas for those not in the know is Microsoft's "framework for building the next generation of cross-platform browsing experience".
  • MySpace.com, the number two site on the Internet (after Yahoo) is an ASP.NET 2.0 site that was deployed on ASP.NET 2.0 one week prior to its release. Upon deployment, the CPU load on the MySpace servers dropped from 85% utilization to 27%! Wow! MySpace gets 1.5 billion page views per day and has, on average, 2.3 million concurrent users. MySpace will be deploying Atlas support later this month.

After Scott's keynote, the Tablet PC folks at Microsoft planned to give away a new tablet to someone in the audience. Prior to the keynote they had duct-taped a tablet PC hat under one of the seats. So someone from the tablet PC group told everyone to look under their seats to see who had won. Pretty cool, right? The problem was the person who sat down at the winning seat had grabbed the hat earlier while Scott was speaking, received a call on his cell phone, and left the hall before the announcement. In other words, that phone call cost him a free tablet PC. Bummer.

After the tablet non-giveaway, Matt Nunn gave another inspiring keynote on SQL Server 2005. I don't have much to report on that keynote since I had to leave but I'm sure it was well received. After the keynotes were over, there was a dessert reception in the exhibitor hall. I enjoyed myself there gorging on cakes and beer, as did many others.


Published Monday, April 3, 2006 8:20 AM by plitwin
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