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Call for Abstracts for Visual Studio Connections April 2008

Dear Fellow Speaker,
This is an invitation to submit abstracts for the Spring 2008 VS-Connections conference, to be held in Orlando, April 20-24th The conference will take place shortly after the VS 2008 release, and will focus on the tools and techniques for using .NET 3.5 (which would be released probably by the end of this year).  We would like to cover the widest range of topics, from client side to system programming, from data access to architecture. We may or may not factor it further into separate tracks as we did with the November conference.

The theme of the conference will be .NET 3.5 and it’s supporting tools. You can assume beginner to intermediate level of knowledge in .NET 3.0, that is, it is fair to assume the attendees know the basics of .NET 3.0 but mostly are not experts. You should aim for the intermediate to advance audience. We also welcome Vista or Windows 2008-specific sessions, preferably from a managed environment. Sessions about migration, compatibility (or lack there of) and interop between .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.0 are encouraged.

All sessions should use VS 2008 RTM. In addition, if a feature is available via VS designer or Wizard, you should use that, instead of the underlying config file, text editor Window, or command line utility. For example, adding a WCF reference should be done via VS 2008, not SvcUtil, editing a WPF control should be done through the visual designer or Expression, not raw XAML.

If we are to have a fundamentals track, it will introduce .NET 2.0-3.0. If you want to submit for that track, please state “(Fundamentals)” in the session subject. If you want to talk about SQL Server 2008, then it should be done in the context of data access from VS 2008. Anything more than that should go in the SQL track. Same goes for web services, AJAX and the ASP.NET track.

For submitting session, please use this URL:  

Please keep the abstracts under 200 words each and in one paragraph. No bulleted items and line breaks, and please use a spell-checker. If you have an issue with the site, please follow up with emails as well.
Please submit at least 3 abstracts, but it would help your chances of being selected if you submitted 5 or 6 abstracts. We need to have all your abstracts by October 26th. 

And while we are in your inbox, please mark your calendar for the Fall event, November 10-13 to 2008 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas.

Finally, please see below a note from conference president Shirley:

I would like to thank each and every one of our Connections speakers for helping us make this event so successful. Last year in Vegas we had just over 4,700 attendees; we hope to do that or better this fall. By the end of September we had over 3,000 registrations for our Fall show.

A successful show happens when you have a combination of things come together: great speakers, good venue, great partners, fun events, and ongoing relationship building. I hope we can all continue to work together to make Connections the very best event outside of Tech Ed, for years to come. As a more successful show, our competitors are trying to compete by moving their shows closer to our dates and in some cases, to the same cities.

It’s very disheartening for me to see our speakers presenting similar topics at competing shows that are scheduled so close to our own shows. So I want to make a small change in how we handle speakers. Essentially, I don’t want to schedule a speaker at a Connections show who is also presenting at one of our competitor’s shows, in the same state, within 30 days of a Connections show. Many of you have known me for years and you know that I would never discourage a speaker from doing something that is good for his/her career and company. I have never asked a speaker not to speak for a competitor and I am NOT saying that now. I am saying that if another show sits within 30 days of ours in the same state, that the speaker should choose to speak at one or the other conference, but not both. If for whatever reason a speaker does not choose Connections during that time period, there will NOT be hard feelings and they can speak for one of our shows at another time.

I want Connections conferences to be different and unique in the minds of our attendees, our sponsors, and our speakers. I have given this a lot of thought and I think the best way to produce our Connections shows is not to have any of our speakers presenting at our show and at a competitor’s show a few weeks earlier or later in the same place.



Juval and Carl
VS-Connections Conference Chairs


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