I've been wanting to write this since giving a talk last week at the Indianapolis TFS user group.  Paul Hacker started this group and leads the sessions.  Props to Paul for having a great group of people.  Currently they meet after the Indy .Net Users group.  I thought it was a great interactive talk.  We'll see what the folks in Indy thought!  During the meeting I got the chance to meet Eric Wilke another developer (software architect actually) who is utilizing a kanban system.  During the talk and after we had a lot of discussion about making the kanban better. 

I've mentioned this in a thread on the kanban yahoo group.  To summarize, this is what I think is the way to limit the kanban in a situation where your team supports multiple applications.  Here is how I think the requests would work.  Application 1 has 14 change requests in a parking lot somewhere. We currently budget 3 requests in the Kanban for that application. Next application 2 usually has 10 requests in the parking lot. We usually budget 2 requests in the Kanban. But for some
reason, this week they have 1 request in the parking lot. Based on a rule, we now allow application 1 to increase their budget to 4. The following week, when application 2 has 4 requests in their parking lot, their budget goes back to 2 and application 1 goes back to 3.

That's the theory, I'll get back to how this works.  I'd love to hear others experiences with this.