Right after I wrote about what to work on next, Cory Ladas wrote about the Perpetual Multivote.  Cory mentions a voting system that keeps the highest priority at the top of the your list.  Items in the list are time sensitvie, so at a predetermined level, older lower ranked items can drop off as new items are added. 

I believe that the voting system can work in keeping the most valuable features to be implemented at the top.  One issues that I see with this compared to say a Scrum iteration has to do with the team mood.  The bucket can stay full for a long time, months or longer.  Psychologically, this is not so good for your team.  The one tweak I might make is to see the bucket drain, and then replenish at a predetermined time.  This way the team sees their work being completed.  Yes you can show burn down charts in your team room to help in showing progress.  But I believe that seeing accomplishments happen in short bursts like an iteration do have that Psychological advantage over this. 

Cory has a great idea with this multivote, and I hope I'll  be able to borrow and implement this in the future electronically!