If you haven't noticed, David Anderson has been making a case for Agile 2009 to have a breaking acts type of stage in the 2009 version, as they had in Agile 2008.  The case David makes is compelling to me.  If Agile is all about "Responding to change over following a plan", then Agile methods should be constantly improving.  Right now there is no stage specifically for non-traditional Agile methods.  For instance last year there was a lot of activity with using Kanban as an agile development method.  The concern for where the next "Kanban" would be presented is at stake here. 

If this is something that concerns you, I would urge to go to the above link on the breaking acts and put your name there.  I think there are many ways that we can improve agile.  And I'd love to see new ways that Agile thought has been implemented in ways not thought of before.  That's why I agree with David and think that some way to bring a breaking acts feeling to the next Agile 2009.