I am just back from speaking at the Lean and Kanban Conference in Miami, and it was fantastic.  The content was just amazing for anyone interested in increasing IT value to your organization, especially from the software development perspective.


The event, organized by David Anderson and supported by Allan Shalloway from Netobjectives, and others really showed how to utilize Lean concepts for Software development.  I felt the sentiment was not just "we need to now use Lean concepts to improve software development.  The sentiment there was that software developers need to improve the value of software using any methods that work.  While there was a focus on Kanban, the general sentiment seemed to be that the tools used to provide good software will evolve.  So who knows in 5 years we could have the next generation being the EMMI/Plasma screen conference (EMMI = Erics Maturity Model) ;-)


At the beginning of the conference, there was an announcement of the formation of the Lean Software and System Consortium.  This formation is an interesting development and should put some weight behind this movement.   For a great summary see Mike Cottmeyers summary of the talks.  There was an announcement of the next conference in April of next year, so look forward for that.  This was a great conference, with a lot of people focused on creating software the best way we know how.  I will try to collect my thoughts over the past few days and put together some more meaningful posts.  There is a lot for development managers and leads to digest from this.