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Just got used to .NET 3.0? Well 3.5 is nearly here...

It is almost upon us... .NET 3.5 looms larger on the horizon, and so we can all start palying around with it, Visual Studio codename "Orcas" March 2007 CTP has been released,  Paul Andrew explain in more detail (as you can find on blogs by Matt Winklers and Somasegars )

Just getting used to 2.0 or 3.0 ?  Things seem to move so fast with Microsoft and .NET these days that every project is on a new version of .NET.

I guess the aspect of 3.5 we are all looking forward to is LINQ. I'm still pretty undecided, is it a good idea to have data so tightly integrated into the codebase? The aspects of LINQ that deal with in memory stuff is really cool, and the demos I have seen on the SQL LINQ stuff is pretty damn impressive, but I have this niggling feeling it can't be doing it anywhere near the most efficient way.

I look forward to 3.5 and LINQ getting much better, and maybe that decision between ADO.NET and an ORM tool might be fading into history.



Published Friday, March 2, 2007 8:04 AM by Insane
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