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Should Ayende Rise To Rob's Challenge?

Ayende asks how he should write the code to demonstrate the ORM solution to Rob's question ... Well - if he feels the need  - then I suggest Web Forms or Monorail ...

But is there a need? Any example problem has multitudes of possible answers, and any given answer has multitudes of ways to critique it.

I honestly don't think there is much of a debate, other than that based on individual's experiences.

Case in point, I Interviewed a guy yesterday, and one of my standard stock questions is:

"can you name some of the differences between stored procedures and using dynamic SQL, and the reasons why you should choose one over another?"

He gave a number of the stock answers, many of which are wrong or myths (stored procedures are much faster as they are pre-compiled, stored procedures are more secure, stored procedures can't suffer SQL injection attacks, etc)

However, it turned out when I probed deeper, not only hadn't he really used dynamic SQL in any form, but he didn't know what ORM stood for, had never heard of Hibernate (or NHibernate), and didn't understand that the Java/Oracle view of the world is very different to the MS/SQL Server view of the world regarding recordsets vs cursors, stored procedures vs ORMs, etc ...

So ... it all comes down to your world view. You can't really win by taking a given example and proving your way would solve it better, because as we all know, development is a , and until you have a finished solution, you are just making best educated guess as to the best way to solve it.

Published Wednesday, June 13, 2007 8:09 AM by Insane


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