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InfoPath and MOSS 2007 Useful Links

u How to do custom themes for MOSS

u How to create a custom List

u How to set security permissions for an assembly

u How to create a code behind page for a master page (keep in mind you got to do all the same security items you do for a web part (web config and all)

u Another way to do the custom additional menu

u Some useful Videos (also look at related video’s)

u InfoPath web part

u When you need to debug why you are getting an unexpected error, try this

u Pass input parameters via query string to InfoPath

u How to use parameters to invoke browser InfoPath form

u How to turn off tool bars

u How to use style sheets with InfoPath

u Useful links entry on some links on performance for InfoPath

u How to make dependant dropdowns

u Only good for Client having InfoPath locally)


u Good for web browser versions (as shown in POC)

u Overview of Web service support in InfoPath 2007

u Keep this one in mind when working with the above

u How to use external data (direct connect to data) in InfoPath

u For data validation, here is a great regex library link

u Keep in mind with using Regex. You need to remove the beginning ^ and ending $ from any regular expression you try to use in InfoPath, otherwise you'll get back an error. As well as bracket your parts with ( and )

u How to conditionally show/hide controls

u How to create a custom Document Library to hold other types of documents (PDF’s and such).

u Display charts via excel services

u InfoPath vs. ASP.NET

u A simple summary

u More detailed summary

u More info

u List of browsers that are compatible with InfoPath as well as more info

u A cool tool to convert an InfoPath form to ASP.NET (in case you start off with InfoPath and later need to move to .NET)


Published Saturday, October 11, 2008 7:46 AM by jfuentes
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Jose Fuentes is the Co-Founder of the Capital City .NET Users Group of Florida, he helped organized and build the community and community web site ( He’s an active MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Microsoft, and strongly involved in the .NET community. He gives presentations and loves helping others with problems. You can find many of his posts and work on, and He’s an active columnist for the asp alliance and Co-Authored in the ASP.NET Cook Book and currently working on a Smart Client book. His experience in .NET spans back to the early days of the first beta and he has a passion to spread the word to as many welcoming and un-welcoming ears that he can. Specializes in VB.NET and windows applications (rich client/smart client), also very knowledgeable of VS 2005 (been in beta since July 2003, after being invited to Microsoft). He’s very handy with MS SQL server 2000 and MSDE.