My name is Paul Litwin. I like to think I speak for the average developer. Here's a few facts about me:

  • My current focus is in Microsoft .NET, primarily in Web development using ASP.NET.
  • My database of choice is SQL Server. I also know Microsoft Access very well and have dabbled in MySQL. The first database I used on the PC was R:Base.
  • I program in both C# and VB. I also program in VBA and of course JavaScript. The following languages were in my past: PL/1, Pascal, FORTRAN.
  • I have a masters degree out of the University of Washington in Biostatistics. I also have a BA from Rutgers University. I was born in New York City.
  • I helped found a conference on ASP.NET, called Microsoft ASP.NET Connections. 2008 marks the ninth year of the conference. I am the conference chair, which means I am responsible for the content (sessions and speakers). I also speak at the show. Microsoft ASP.NET Connections is part of a group of conferences called DevConnections. The conferences are owned by Penton Media. I also maintain a blog for DevConnections.
  • I own a training company, Deep Training. Deep Training offers hands-on training in .NET technologies.
  • I also hold the role of Programming Manager for a world-class cancer research center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  My department, Collaborative Data Services, offers development services to the various research projects at FHCRC and other research organizations.
  • I've written a few books, including ASP.NET for Developers, Microsoft Access 2002 Developer's Handbook, Microsoft Access Cookbook, etc. I think I've written a total of about 12 books. Book writing is very painful and I haven't written one in several years.
  • Microsoft thinks I am a useful enough person so they have designated me as an MVP (most valuable professional). Most importantly, this gets me a free MSDN Universal subscription and a few other perks.
  • I admit it: I am basically a Microsoft lackey. But that doesn't mean I blindly follow the evil empire. I also tend to have a mind of my own. It's just that I use primarily Microsoft technologies and for the most part prefer their software. At the same time, I often curse Microsoft software. It's your classic love/hate relationship. (In case you are wondering, I do believe that Microsoft, while big and motivated by greed like any capitalist corporation, actually listens to its customers and produces pretty good software. There are exceptions of course to this rule.)
  • I have a great wife and three fabulous children.
  • I am a long distance runner at heart, having finished 6 marathons. My first marathon was when I was a freshman in high school running in the Earth Day marthon (1973) and completing it in just under 4 hours. My best time was when a 3:09 in 1975. My next marathon was 28 years later in 2003. Most recently, I ran in the Eugene marathon on May 4, 2008. My time was 3:36:14, missing qualifying for Boston by 15 seconds. Apparently, you can email them and ask them to let you in anyway; I am not sure if I will do that.
  • In 2005 I also took up triathlons and now consider myself a triathlete. I have competed in 5 Sprint triathlons and hope to race in an Olympic distance tri in 2008. I was a terrible swimmer and afraid of the water when I first decided to do a tri. I have taken lessons and gotten much better at swimming and for the most part past my fears.

Thanks for reading my blog.