If you copied your reports files to a production server, and you get this error:

File or assembly name CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.Framework, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

Chances are, you didn't properly deply the application.  There's a lot of setup and installation of modules that needs to be done before Crystal Reports .NET will work.  These are done for you on your dev machine when you install VS.NET.  You have to create an MSI file to do this on a production machine.  This resource will help you deploy your CR.NET app.

Crystal Reports and Visual Studio .NET - Application Deployment

This document discusses how to create an application deployment project to allow you to seamlessly deploy Crystal Report for Visual Studio .NET (this version is installed with Visual Studio .NET) on a client or server computer. This document is for use with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET and later versions.

You only need to deply once.  Once you've deployed your project, you can just copy new or updated reports files to the web server.  Also, if you're adding new web applications, you only need to add a virtual directory to CrystalReportWebFormViewer2 to make it work.

An alternative solution to try is directly copying the following DLLs to your application's BIN folder on the server:


I have not tried this, but the idea was posted in a forum message, and the author reported success.  If you do copy the DLLs to the application folder, I think you'll have to copy them for all applications on the server.  A deployment package installs the DLLs in the Global Assembly Cache, where they are available for all applications running on the server.  If you're thinking “why not just manually copy the DLLs into the GAC and manually register them?”, I'll answer “For all that touble, why not just learn to do it correctly?”

<update 2005-01-07>

Another trick I just learned from a forum post is to open up the refrences of your project, and for each Crystal* reference listed, set its “Copy Local“ property to “true“.  This will copy the DLLs into your bin folder, and might help distribute them if you use XCopy deployment.


Crystal Reports .NET Programming
If you're new to Crystal Reports, or just to CR .NET, this is the book you need. Part how-to, part programming reference, lots of simple examples in both C# and VB.NET.





<update 2008-04-13>

The link has been updated, thanks to Business Objects for pointing out the update to their website.  The corrected link is