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DevConnections Vegas Oct 31-Nov 3

I will be giving the following 3 presentations at ASP.NET Connections in Vegas:

  • Cryptography 101 Using the .NET Framework and ASP.NET
    Learn the "black art" of cryptography, including public/private and symmetric encryption, hashing, and a dash of salt.  Review ASP.NET features that utilize cryptogrpahy such as viewstate.  Discover .NET framework classes that can be leveraged to secure web sites by creating tamperproof querystrings.
  • Things Every ASP.NET Developer Should Know
    There are many things you need to know to be a good ASP.NET developer.  Do you understand the basics of HTTP?  Do you know what a request and response look like "on the wire"?  Do you take advantage of HTTP compression and expirations to reduce bandwidth and requests to your web site?  Do you minimize and consolidate JavaScript and CSS.  Benefit from many years of experience with web development and discover features, tools, and techniques that you may have never used before.  Utilize response filters and adapters to modify the output of your pages.  There will be a wide variety of useful tips that can be taken and used today on your ASP.NET web sites.
  • Maximize Reuse in Your ASP.NET Web Forms Site
    Do you find yourself or coworkers "rebuilding the wheel" on each web site you create?  Learn ways to share web site assets such as style sheets, JavaScript, and images as well as code to save time, improve quality, and reduce maintenance costs.  Learn techniques to increase reuse for a single web site and between web sites.  Discover how to create shared assemblies in the GAC and how publisher policy files can be used to specify which version existing applicaitons should use.  HttpModules are another great technique for using consistent code such as error handling and logging across a series of web sites.  Nobody wants 10 copies of code that are "almost the same" in various web sites, learn how to write code once and use it everywhere.      

Should be a great time, with many opportunities to learn more about ASP.NET development!

Published Tuesday, September 13, 2011 3:08 AM by robertb
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