What are the AspAdvice Lists? The AspAdvice Lists are a place where anyone in the ASP/ASP.NET community can receive free assistance from other members of the community (often times the community's top experts and Microsoft product team members themselves!). The AspAdvice Lists are completely email based from an interface standpoint. We moderate every list so that spam and other useless messages never show in your inbox! Want to sign up for one more of the AspAdvice lists? The lists are organized in categories (look at the links on left under the "Lists" section of the menu). In order to subscribe to one or more of the lists you must click on one of the categories in the menu. The category page contains a listing of all of the lists in the category. Select one of the lists to go to the sign-up page for that list. On the sign-up page, you will need to pick your subscription type (Regular - receive messages as they are contributed, Digest - receive messages once a day in digest format, Index - receive subjects only once a day) and then click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to the list. Are you overwhelmed by the amount of email the AspAdvice lists place in your inbox? This is a common occurrence and one we all struggle with. Before you unsubscribe (click here to unsubscribe from some or all of the AspAdvice lists), you should read a document we put together to help you get more out of the lists.
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