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  • Regionerate - blogged by Roy Osherove

    Roy's blog is a goldmine for great advide and tools ... this morning he posted Regionerate - Free Code Layout Addin for VS.NET - ISerializable - Roy Osherove's Blog Regionerate looks like quite a cool little tool, maintaining 'stuff' in the right place is always a fun task, and this has the makings of a good starting point. I'm not sure if it ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on June 24, 2007
  • In Response To Rob

    Now I rarely bite... but Rob deserves a reply (and plus, until my 9pm meeting I have little else to do! :) Rob said (in response to my comment on his blog): @Casey: Come on homey - gimme a little something here. Your comment is just ridiculous - unit test - well I'll give ya that but strong typing - what does that mean when talking about SPs? I ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on June 13, 2007
  • Should Ayende Rise To Rob's Challenge?

    Ayende asks how he should write the code to demonstrate the ORM solution to Rob's question ... Well - if he feels the need  - then I suggest Web Forms or Monorail ... But is there a need? Any example problem has multitudes of possible answers, and any given answer has multitudes of ways to critique it. I honestly don't think there ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on June 13, 2007
  • Hope to Desperation!

    The weekend started well, I have the authorisation I need to hire 4 top notch developers, I send out a short interview test to the agencies, and am told they have some good people. The test is simple ... to write a small application that can tell the difference in days between 2 dates. There are only 5 basic requirements: · It should ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on June 11, 2007
  • The Pragmatic Data Access Discussion

    SubSonic is a great product, and while reading up on it I came across a superb post on data access in general. I think Rob let the whole ASP.NET drag and drop data access get off lightly ... but oh well :)
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on June 4, 2007
  • Ruby or Not Ruby ... and some ORM/Relational Database vs Object Database Stuff

    Scott Hanselman started yet another great debate ... on Ruby and why it is the '***'  ... Today I came across a great artice (via Frans Bouma), called In Defence of the RDBMS - a very well written debunk of a number or database theorist's views.  The two get mentioned together as I loved the comment half way through the ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on May 24, 2007
  • Oren joins the 'MS losing the Alpha Geeks' debate

      Scott started it ... then Oren replied ... and I'm bored so I thought I would reply :)   To be honest .. I don't think MS is listening to the BIG companies, so much as it is busy trying to attract the LAMP brigades ... Switching to MS development isn't easy from a LAMP background, and a *large* percentage of LAMP ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on May 21, 2007
  • Windsor Container examples and tutorials

    Windsor Container is one of my favourite 'tools' - it makes Inversion of Control just that bit easier, and IoC (or Dependency Injection depending on your latest buzzword manual) is just something that all well designed software should attempt to do properly. I just came across some superb tutorials on the subject, linked to indirectly ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on April 28, 2007
  • Further Technical Interview Questions

    Name the four core principles of an Object Oriented Programming language This opener will immediately gauge the real world experience somebody has. Even if you are self taught, you really should know all four off the top of your head, and even if you pull a blank, as soon as the interviewer names one of them you should be able to ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on March 2, 2007
  • Another "killer" Interview Question

    "Can you tell me some of the development blogs you regularly read, and why you think they are of value?" If someone names the 'gurus' or 'glitterati' of the development blogshphere, it is damn likely they are also a good developer. IF (like most people I ask), they never read blogs, and can't tell me who the key ...
    Posted to Insane World (Weblog) by Insane on March 2, 2007
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