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  • The Vegas 2006 Numbers

    Just in case you were curious,... DevConnections Fall 2006 featured over 4,700+ attendees, over 325 sessions, 190+ speakers (including about 100 from Microsoft), hands-on labs chalk talks, and over 20 pre-conference and post-conference workshops. The main exhibition hall sold out with over 100 exhibitors. One lucky attendee won a 2006 ...
    Posted to DevConnections Blog (Weblog) by plitwin on November 26, 2006
  • Abstracts Being Accepted for Microsoft ASP.NET Connections

    This is to let everyone know that we are currently accepting abstracts to speak at the next Microsoft ASP.NET Connections. The event will be held in Orlando, FL, USA from March 25-29. Here's the deal: It's pretty competitive but you won't ever have the chance to speak unless you try.If selected, your airfare and hotel accomodations ...
    Posted to DevConnections Blog (Weblog) by plitwin on November 13, 2006
  • Another Fabulous Conference

    Wow. 4,700 attendees came down to Vegas and learned a lot of great information. And many of them managed to have some fun and network with speakers and their peers to boot. This was the biggest and best DevConnections ever. Thank you to everyone who helped run the show, speak at the show, blog about the show, and/or attend the ...
    Posted to DevConnections Blog (Weblog) by plitwin on November 13, 2006
  • DevConnections Set to Explode in Las Vegas on Monday

    Another DevConnections is here. This time we are back for the 3rd straight year in Las Vegas at the luxurious Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort on the Las Vegas strip. This is the hotel that was featured in Oceans 7. 5-star all the way. And this is by far the biggest DevConnections ever with eight co-located events and just under 5,000 attendees! ...
    Posted to DevConnections Blog (Weblog) by plitwin on November 4, 2006
  • Microsoft @ Black Hat

    I have seen a couple of articles now talking about Micrsoft at Black Hat in Las Vegas, NV. I think it is about time that MS is looking for the somewhat ''shady'' programmers for their security tests. I am not one to subscribe to the outlook of hiring hackers to provide security for your network or applications, but it does make sense to me to ...
    Posted to Stanley's Blog (Weblog) by stanley1271 on August 4, 2006
  • Restoring a SQL Server 2000 backup to SQL 2005

    I recently was trying to restore a SQL 2000 database to a SQL 2005 database and kept getting this error: ''The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing 'xxxx' database. Backup or restore operation terminiating abnormally.'' After a few tries without much luck I hit google and found ...
  • Report on the Wichita Code Camp

    Raymond Lewallen: strongly-typed session objects, cache objects, and viewstate. If you aren't using a session management object you must. Do a search for session[] and make your developers give a justifiable business reason they need to use something outside of the project's session object ...
  • New Job

    I have just accepted my first position as a ''real'' programmer today.  While I have written many smaller apps, and loved it, it has never been my primary job.  I am excited to be able to expand my knowledge in programming in the real world, and not have to worry about too many other ''pressing'' matter to take me away from my passion.
    Posted to schenz (Weblog) by bschenz on June 2, 2006
  • My Move

    Currently I am working for CP Ships, but we have been taken over by Hapag-Lloyd. In the take over they have decided to split their business up into regions. These regions will then manage business for their region and report back to HQ in Hamburg, Germany. Our Tampa, FL office is going from about 900+ employees down to about 150 employees. Guess ...
    Posted to Stanley's Blog (Weblog) by stanley1271 on April 17, 2006
  • Hello

    I just joined today, and wanted to post a quick entry here.I am very glad to move here from, and feel that being a member of an actual technology community will be really rewarding.I hope the my content is enjoyed by all, even though it will have more of a winforms slant to it.  I do some, but most of my work is with ...
    Posted to schenz (Weblog) by bschenz on April 11, 2006
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