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  • New Text Control Reporting online demo launched

    As part of our new Text Control Reporting Microsite, we launched a new, lightweight demo application that shows the Text Control Reporting Framework (TXTextControl.DocumentServer.MailMerge) in combination with the HTML5 based web editor (TXTextControl.Web.TextControl).An MS Word template document is loaded automatically. The template consists ...
    Posted to TX Text Control (Weblog) by Christopher Krause on August 31, 2015
  • The Text Control Reporting Framework: An Overview

    The Text Control Reporting Framework is part of all TX Text Control .NET products including Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET. The central element is the DocumentServer.MailMerge component that encapsulates the complete mail merge functionality.Fully-featured template designers for all platformsBasically, the MailMerge component takes an MS Word ...
    Posted to TX Text Control (Weblog) by Christopher Krause on August 31, 2015
  • Crypto Obfuscator For .Net 2013 released

    LogicNP Software has released Crypto Obfuscator For .Net 2013 which provides superior code protection, obfuscation, optimization and automatic exception reporting for your .Net assemblies. Crypto Obfuscator combines powerful obfuscation, encryption and optimization techniques to provide the very best protection to your .Net code against ...
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by ssware on January 17, 2013
  • Automated Customer Acceptance Testing with Report Builder

    I've been mulling over how to automate our Customer Acceptance Testing (CAT) process for a while now.  Currently all our CAT is done manually in front of the customer.  It's not agile at all.  However, our systems are built combining tools like InfoPath, Sharepoint, workflow software, Project Server, ...
    Posted to Corporate Coder (Weblog) by elandes on September 19, 2006
  • A couple of new articles

    Just a bit of self promotion here, and I'm looking for some feedback.  I've recently published 2 articles on Crystal Alliance, and was hoping for some feedback on these.  One is called ''Creating a Task Summary Crystal Report from Project Server'' and the other is called ''Creating a Project Velocity Crystal Report using Microsoft ...
    Posted to Corporate Coder (Weblog) by elandes on July 26, 2006
  • Reporting Services Subscription Bug?

    I just recently discovered what I believe is a bug in RS 2005 subscriptions.  I'd love to hear if anyone else has encountered this, and what their workaround is.  The problem I've encountered involves 2 date parameter fields, along with at least 2 parameters that are dependent.  When I edit an existing report subscription, ...
    Posted to Corporate Coder (Weblog) by elandes on July 21, 2006
  • Great post on Creating an Analysis Server BI Project with TFS

    Eric Lee posted a great video on how to create KPI's from the Team Foundation Server warehouse.  Apart from being a great tutorial on how to create new measures for TFS for your organization, I've found this to be a quick and dirty tutorial for creating an Analysis Server project in Visual Studio 2005.  I'm sure there are other good ones ...
    Posted to Corporate Coder (Weblog) by elandes on July 10, 2006
  • Future BI Direction for Microsoft.

    Since I use a lot of Microsoft enterprise tools, including BI stuff like OLAP and Reporting Services, this link on Dr. Dobbs was interesting to me. discusses PerformancePoint Server 2007.  The next Generation BI stuff from MS is apparently going to move Excel as the ...
    Posted to Corporate Coder (Weblog) by elandes on June 8, 2006
  • Report Builder Competitor

    For those of you who do not like Report Builder as your end user tool for creating reports using Reporting Services, here's a tool that is supposed to be simpler, RSInteract. Hat Tip to Chris Web's BI Blog on this one.  However, I would dispute with Chris that Report Builder, in his words, ''sucks''.  My experience has been that end ...
    Posted to Corporate Coder (Weblog) by elandes on March 2, 2006
  • Issue With Web Service as Data Source for Reporting Services

    Something interesting I found utilizing the BI stuff available in Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.  Another developer and I were asked to create a quick demo version of a report, that sourced data from a list on Sharepoint.  I have already done this using a custom Web Service I created that goes against a sharepoint site ...
    Posted to Corporate Coder (Weblog) by elandes on February 23, 2006
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